5 Bold Booking Decisions WWE Should Make At Survivor Series 2018

A Major Heel Or Face Turn

Image via WWE.com

The reason the last few weeks of WWE programs have been great is because of the plethora of face and heel turns that we have seen.

Elias and Dean Ambrose are just some of the examples but WWE needs to continue this and turn a few more characters to further their cause and remove the rut they are in right now. Wrestlers like Asuka and Finn Balor could really benefit from a turn as they are currently being massively underutilized. The same could apply for Shinsuke Nakamura and The Miz.

A few more high-profile turns could be great for the show and WWE programs for the near future as this will give fans something to talk about and be invested in. It will also save the WWE careers of many wrestlers who all seem destined to leave or be fired at some point in the future.