5 Bold Booking Decisions WWE Should Make At Survivor Series 2018

Let Dean Ambrose Play A Huge Role

Image via WWE.com

One thing WWE is really good at is killing momentum. They should not do that with Dean Ambrose though. It has been weeks since Ambrose turned heel and yet the most significant thing he has done so far is burn his Shield garb.

WWE must utilize the match-up between Rollins and Nakamura to cause a huge and shocking event involving Dean Ambrose. Everyone expects him to interfere in the match but it should be in such a way that it shocks the fans and cements Ambrose’s heel turn.

How WWE achieves that is up to them but it should not be something as cheap as a low blow or a small distraction. At the end of the night people should really resent and hate Ambrose the way they hated and resented Rollins after his heel turn.