5 Dream Opponents For Shawn Michaels’ In-Ring Return


The Heart Break Kid, Mr. Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels retired from WWE after he lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26 more than eight years ago and has since stated a number of times that he wouldn’t make a return because he wanted to be the one WWE star who remained retired.

Eight years after retirement,  Shawn Michaels is in the news ever since his appearance on Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago where the WWE Hall of Famer built up the fact that he could make a return to the ring in the near future.

While WWE hasn’t officially announced anything for Michaels when it comes to his in-ring future, it is being rumored that WWE is planning for more than just a ‘one-off’ match. Here we take a look at 5 dream opponents for Shawn Michaels for when he returns.

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Daniel Bryan


Bryan would be the perfect opponent for Michaels because of the similarities between these two men. They both didn’t have the WWE physique but still were the biggest stars of their era. Bryan made one of the best returns in pro wrestling when he came out of retirement and it will be only fair for HBK to make his return against him as well. Obviously, the expected high quality of their match is a big enough reason as well.

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They do have a glaring difference and that is the fact that Bryan did his best work as a face while HBK did so as a heel. WWE could work a scenario where Bryan gets screwed out of a title match courtesy of HBK and that could lead to an awesome setting.

The massive pop they would receive would blow the roof off and you could get crowd engagement on the level of Undertaker and HBK’s match at Wrestlemania 25. Bryan needs that payoff match that would define his return from retirement and this could be it.