5 Dream Opponents For Shawn Michaels’ In-Ring Return

Seth Rollins


If someone had to play the character of Shawn Michaels in the modern era then few would be as suited for the role as Seth Rollins. The match would be absolutely awesome and The Architect has all the skills to make even an ageing HBK look good. Their ties to the authority could be a great starting point for the feud that eventually leads to a match.

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Rollins could start making claims that he is the greatest performer the WWE has seen which obviously Shawn Michaels won’t like. That would lead to a confrontation and a match.

Another way this can go is Triple H and Shawn Michaels could start assaulting Undertaker and Kane at the Super Showdown which could prompt the Shield to make the save. Rollins could, in the process, end up inadvertently attacking HBK leading to HBK seeking retribution.