5 Dream Opponents For Shawn Michaels’ In-Ring Return

DX vs. Brothers of Destruction


This seems very likely as all the set-pieces are in place. The four men will all be there at the Super Showdown and things can go wrong leading to an awesome dream tag match for the ages. The entrances alone would give goose bumps.

It is inevitable that HBK will get involved in the Triple H vs. Undertaker match at some point during the match prompting Kane to come to the rescue causing disqualifications and no contests. This can lead to a reunion of two of the most awe-inspiring tag teams ever to grace the WWE.

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The biggest obstacle to this is Kane’s mayoral duties but he could probably still work a match. This will have the double benefit of ending the Super Showdown in a shocking moment while also setting up one of the biggest money matches in WWE history.

We just hope that if WWE do take this route then it is the serious DX from its early days that we get rather than the goofy ones we got between 2005 and 2007. The Brothers of Destruction are also an epic tag team that do not have much accolades to boast about. A win over DX could set things straight in that department.