Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are rumored to feud on SmackDown Live, and a match between these two superstars is almost set in stone for Summerslam according to several reports surfacing online.

The two former WWE champions will be indulging in a singles rivalry against each other for the first time ever, and we look at the pros and cons of having these two megastars feud with one another.

10. Good: Reigns needs a proper heel opponent

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns has been solidified as the top babyface of WWE for several years now, a position he ironically took up from Daniel Bryan himself. Bryan’s recurrent injuries in 2014-15 led to Reigns becoming the top guy in WWE, and he has stayed on the top for a long time now.

Daniel Bryan is one of the best heels in WWE currently, and a great heel facing off against a decent babyface is always peak wrestling. Reigns has suffered due to WWE pairing him against subpar heels, and a feud against a top heel like Bryan could help Reigns become a much better babyface.

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9. Not Good: Roman Reigns’ record against heels

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Roman Reigns has defeated every single heel in his path and holds a positive head-to-head record against every superstar except Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. Any heel who goes up against the Big Dog has to eventually settle for the second prize.

Daniel Bryan is one of the top heels in WWE currently, and his credibility could take a hit if he loses against Reigns. With Kevin Owens and Miz turning face, Bryan is arguably the only heel who can draw heat from any crowd. WWE must ensure he doesn’t go down the same path as Drew McIntyre or Elias, who have regressed ever since losing clean to Reigns on pay-per-views.