8. Good: Faction War

Image via Twitter

Daniel Bryan is currently leading a Green Revolution with the help of his “intellectual equal” Eric Rowan. There were rumors of Luke Harper returning to join Bryan and Rowan, although that has not happened yet.

If WWE were to bring back Harper and put him with Bryan and Rowan, we could see an interesting feud with Bryan-Harper-Rowan facing off against the Bloodline (Reigns and Usos). Factions colliding always make for great moments, and WWE could capitalize on this.

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7. Not Good: Roman overcomes odds

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Roman Reigns is known to overcome odds and launch superhuman attacks, even if he is outnumbered. This shtick has got stale after WWE pulled it off with several opponents, including the Authority, Kevin Owens-Chris Jericho, Shane McMahon-Drew McIntyre and many more.

If WWE puts him against Bryan-Rowan, expect yet another feud in which Roman Reigns overcomes a 2-on-1 situation and comes out on top, and the WWE Universe could lose interest easily as they get tired of seeing the same thing all over again.