WWE defines a Grand Slam Champion as a superstar who has won all the possible championships. The top championship i.e Universal or WWE, the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and either of the Tag Team Championships.

In the recent years, the number of superstars in the Grand Slam Club has increased exponentially! Superstars such as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio are a few who have joined the prestigious club in the last two years.

WWE earlier followed a different format for determining the Grand Slam entrants, and ever since the Hardcore, European and World Heavyweight Championships were discontinued, they changed their format.

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Under the new format there are currently fourteen Grand Slam Champions, with the last eight joining the club after 2017.

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There are several superstars who could potentially join this prestigious club in the near future, and with WWE recognizing such superstars and giving them their elusive championship win, we could see this club expand even more in the coming months.

We look at five superstars who are just one championship win away from gaining entry into this prestigious article.

5. Dolph Ziggler

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If we consider the now-discontinued old format of Grand Slam, Dolph Ziggler is actually a Grand Slam Champion. He needed to win the Tag Team Championships when the old format was active, and later on when he claimed the RAW Tag Team Championship, the older format had been abolished.

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A former World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler has had quite a career in WWE. He was always lauded as a great talent, but he could never really break the glass ceiling. Both his championship runs had underwhelming ends, and his character has become extremely stale after ten years.

Dolph Ziggler won the Tag Team Championships with his friend Drew McIntyre last year, and has won the United States and Intercontinental Championships before.

Ziggler needs to add a Universal or a WWE Championship reign to his resume in order to join the prestigious club of Grand Slam Championships.

He competed for the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston at Stomping Grounds and Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. Dolph Ziggler has had a stellar career and he could eventually join the club sometime in the future.

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4. Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior Sheamus debuted in WWE a decade ago, and quickly rose to the top of the mountain in WWE. He won his very first championship, which was the WWE Championship, after he defeated John Cena in a Tables Match.

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Sheamus has won the United States Championship, and went on to form a formidable partnership with Cesaro as the Bar. The Bar won several Tag Team Championships, and ended the historic 500+ day reign of New Day.

Sheamus has been loyal to WWE for a really long time, and just needs one more Intercontinental Championship reign to join the prestigious club of Grand Slam Champions.

Sheamus is currently listed on the Smackdown roster, the home of IC title which is currently being held by Finn Balor. Could we see a return of the Irish superstar to face his fellow Irish mate Balor.

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3. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens debuted on the main roster with his NXT Championship firmly on his soldiers. He was known as the Prizefighter and went on to win the Intercontinental Championship just months after his debut.

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A push to the main-event scene saw Owens win the Universal Championship which the inaugral champion Finn Balor had vacated. Owens held the title for the better part of six months before dropping it to Goldberg of all people!

Kevin Owens is just one tag-team championship reign away from becoming a Grand Slam Champion, and his partnership with Sami Zayn could lead to an entry into the elite list of superstars quite soon.

The Prizefighter has not held a prize for over two years now, and it is high time that he starts to compete for championships once again.

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2. Triple H

A rather surprising inclusion in this list, Triple H has been in WWE for over two decades now. His stay in WWE has seen him win an astounding fourteen World Championships. He is also a former five time IC champion and won the Tag Team titles on a few occasions.

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Triple H has changed to a part-time role in WWE, and him winning a title seems highly unlikely at this point in time. He is one United States Championship win away from becoming a Grand Slam Champion.

Triple H last held a title in 2016, when he won the Royal Rumble to claim the WWE Championship. He has never competed in any championship match after Wrestlemania 32, when he defended the WWE Championship against Roman Reigns in the main-event.

Will Triple H holding the US title and carrying out US Open Challenges be “best for business”?

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1. John Cena

John Cena has done it all in WWE. He was the face of the company for over a decade, won a record 16 championships, held tag titles with David Otunga(yes!).

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John Cena, however, could never lay his hands on the Intercontinental Championship. He had several great runs with the United States Championship, and the US Title Open Challenge was one of the most entertaining parts of WWE in 2015.

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Cena, like Triple H, last competed for a championship in WWE a long time ago. He last held a title in 2017 and, ever since, has competed sporadically in WWE.

Cena hasn’t been seen on WWE programming for almost seven months now, and he last competed in a PPV at WWE Super ShowDown in Australia last year. With several movie projects in his kitty, Cena returning is a distant sight at this point.

Cena returning to capture the IC title and then defend it in an IC Title Open Challenge will surely make the fans intrigued.