AEW presented All Out last weekend, and the PPV was overall a decent success. They had a total of ten matches on the card, and most of it did the job as they were expected to. All Out was a major PPV for the company as it was the go-home show before the TV deal kicks in.

A big impact with the PPV will surely be interesting for the viewers, and that’ll help them to tune in for the much-anticipated debut in a months’ time.

Did AEW do what it needed to at All Out? We look at the ups and downs of the PPV.

RIGHT: Chris Jericho Wins The AEW World Championship

Chris Jericho. Image via Cagesideseats

Although a 48-year-old as your top champion may seem discouraging to some, AEW did the correct job by crowning Jericho as the champion. Jericho is a big name in the wrestling industry and is known by fans of different generations.

AEW presented their No.1 guy as the champion, and that was the perfect thing to do at the PPV. Superstars like Kenny Omega, PAC, Cody, etc. are popular but they don’t have the experience that Jericho possesses. The only other option for AEW was Jon Moxley, but he’ll surely get his chance in the future.

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WRONG: The Women’s Division 

Nyla Rose. Image via Twitter

The Women’s Division of AEW is still not as good as the other divisions of the company, and the trend continued with the AEW PPV. Riho and Nyla Rose will compete for the inaugural AEW Women’s Championship, and both these superstars are unheard of in the American wrestling circles.

Rose is still quite green in the ring, while Riho will have issues communicating with the audience. AEW could have tried to sign someone like Tenille Dashwood, who is a far better worker and has great promo skills. However, the roster still leaves a lot to be desired.