RIGHT: The Tag-Team Division Continues To Flourish

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Image via Twitter

The whole Tag-Team division of AEW was on display this weekend, with several quality teams battling it out at the PPV. The division also received a boost with the addition of a highly talented duo of LAX, who moved over to AEW from Impact.

AEW is focusing greatly on building a high-quality tag-team division, and the performance of those teams is helping the cause. All the tag-team matches were up to the mark, with Young Bucks-Lucha Brothers displaying their insane chemistry in a ladder match.

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WRONG: Production

Image via Instagram

If AEW wants to compete with WWE, they have to seriously upgrade their production standards. As many fans pointed out, AEW’s production felt amateurish, and there were quite a few hiccups throughout the PPV. The Women’s Battle Royal, for instance, was a complete mess because of the camera-work.

NXT, on the other hand, is much polished when it comes to PPVs and WWE’s presentation blows AEW out of the water. However, AEW is still just four-shows-old and they’ll hopefully address the issue in the upcoming shows.