RIGHT: Sticking To Their Strengths

Jimmy Havoc. Image via Fansided

As All Out was the final PPV before the TV deal, the company had to ensure that the product is as intriguing as possible. AEW did exactly that by having the performers take part in matches that they do the best. Superstars like Jimmy Havoc are much more suited to hardcore matches, while an individual like Cody Rhodes will be better in a story-oriented matchup.

However, they need to ensure that these superstars take part in different matchups as well, since a barrel match won’t work on every occasion!

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WRONG: Kenny Omega Wrestles The Second Match

Kenny Omega. Image via Twitter

Any individual who watched Kenny Omega vs PAC would argue that those two superstars should be competing in the main event, and not in the second match of the night. Kenny Omega is arguably the best wrestler in the world country, and AEW did a major disservice to the Cleaner by having him compete so early on the card.

A talent like Omega deserves much more and hopefully, the company doesn’t waste his abilities in the coming shows.