SummerSlam is upon us, and the biggest party of the summer guarantees thrill and excitement for the WWE Universe. SummerSlam has usually been a decent PPV in recent times, and expect the trend to continue with a packed card for this year’s edition.

SummerSlam currently has ten matches on the card, and at least three more are rumored to be added. WWE’s run of solid PPVs in 2019 is on the line with SummerSlam, and hopefully, it lives up to lofty expectations.

It will be the first PPV since the appointment of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the Executive Directors of the weekly shows. We look at what WWE should focus on to ensure that SummerSlam is a success.

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Should Happen: Bray Wyatt Wins His Return Match

Image via WWE

Bray Wyatt is set to return to in-ring action after a year off of WWE programming. Wyatt’s last match was against Baron Corbin in November last year. Wyatt was one of the most frustrating cases on the main roster until he was repackaged with a new gimmick.

WWE has a fresh and clean slate for Wyatt, and they must ensure that Wyatt’s new persona gets off to a winning start. WWE have booked themselves into a corner by pitting Wyatt against Balor in his very first match since returning, but a hard-fought loss for Balor shouldn’t hurt much.

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Should NOT Happen: The PPV Goes Over Four Hours!

One of the major shortcomings of WWE PPVs has been the duration of the matches, which take the running time of the shows close to five hours. WWE fans are not thrilled with the possibility of drawn-out matches and longer PPVs, and will definitely appreciate shorter and to the point wrestling bouts.

According to rumors, the PPV is set to have close to 14 matches, which is quite a long card for a PPV. WWE must ensure that certain matches aren’t drawn out, and serve the purpose they are intended for.