5 Things You Didn’t Know About 24/7 Champion R-Truth

Truth has stayed in WWE for a long time and going strong

4. He was part of the Attitude Era

R-Truth and his partner Road Dogg

R-Truth may have joined TNA in 2002, but he already had a stint with WWE( then known as WWF). He was part of the mid-card during the Attitude Era, and was known as K-Kwik.

After he rejoined WWE in 2008, his past history with the company was never mentioned. R-Truth was even a part of DX reunion tour along with Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and Chyna in 2000, and they competed in a Survivor Series match-up that year.

After Road Dogg was released in early 2001, R-Truth shifted to the singles division where he won the Hardcore Championship reign twice. After a short stay in the lower card, R-Truth was released later that year.

R-Truth is currently the only superstar to have won the Hardcore Championship and the reincarnated version of the Hardcore Championship, the 24/7 Championship.

3. R-Truth has been part of five different tag-teams in WWE

R-Truth won the championships with Kofi Kingston

R-Truth in his first stint with WWE, teamed up with fellow musician Road Dogg, and they used to rap together. Their tag-team alliance last a few months before Road Dogg was released from the company.

R-Truth teamed up with Miz, and their Awesome Truth alliance lasted for a long time. They had a mini reunion last week on SmackDown Live, which was an awesome (no pun intended) reference to their past.

R-Truth later teamed up with Kofi Kingston and won the Tag Team Championship, following which he joined forces with Xavier Woods. R-Truth had a long run with Xavier Woods during their time in TNA.

His last run in the Tag Team division was along with Goldust, and their partnership was known as the Golden Truth. R-Truth even won the Mixed Match challenge teaming up with Carmella.