5 Women Wrestlers Who Should Return At WWE Evolution And 5 Who Shouldn’t

wwe evolution women return

With the Evolution PPV coming up it goes without saying that many female wrestlers from the past will be making an appearance. This is WWE’s way of making the event more special by adding a touch of nostalgia. They did this during the Greatest Royal Rumble and they will definitely do it during Evolution.

While some of these returns can send wrestling fans into a frenzy, others can leave a sour aftertaste. Today, we will look at 5 women who definitely should make a return and 5 others who should not.

Melina (Should return)

Image via sescoops.com

While her departure from the WWE wasn’t a great one, she did have an illustrious career and was one of the most unique wrestlers thanks to her ultra-flexible body. Her feud with Mickie James was a highlight of the pre-PG era and was a nice precursor to the women’s revolution that was to happen a few years down the line.

Even though Melina mentioned that she has retired from wrestling, she didn’t get a proper send-off and this queen of great entrances deserves one last chance to shine on the big stage.

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Stacy Keibler (Should not return)

Image via WWE.com

There was a reason female wrestlers weren’t taken seriously and wrestlers like Stacy Keibler played a huge part in that. She was one of those women wrestlers who made it into wrestling solely because of their look despite having zero wrestling chops. WWE bringing her back would be akin to shooting themselves in the foot. She did some of the most unoriginal work and making an appearance at Evolution would undo all the good work done by women wrestlers since.