5 WWE Storylines That Were Built-Up and Then Shockingly Dropped in 2020

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WWE’s creative team has been under a lot of pressure throughout 2020 to come up with engaging storyines since the global pandemic has forced the company to think outside the box for many of their pay-per-view events.

This included making Money in the Bank a match that took place at the company’s corporate headquarters and changing WrestleMania to a two-night event.

WWE has also changed location three times from The Performance Center to The Amway Center and now the company feels at home inside Tropicana Field.

While WWE’s creative team has been forced to endure a lot this year, including mass releases, the storylines have also lacked consistency with several stories coming to an end prematurely or just being dropped without explanation.

Here are just five WWE storylines that the company failed to wrap up this year and could technically revisit in 2021.

5. Shayna Baszler The Vampire

At the beginning of the year, Shayna Baszler was one of the hottest commodities in the Women’s Division and was seen as a legitimate contender to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Despite not winning The Rumble, Baszler was still given a shot at the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania when she took on Becky Lynch. The build-up to this match saw Baszler attack the Women’s Champion and bite a piece of flesh from her neck, it was a strange way to introduce herself to the main roster and left the WWE Universe questioning what gimmick Baszler was going to portray.

This was the only time Baszler decided to bite one of her opponents and has since become another average member of the Women’s Division.

Despite being a stand-out star in NXT, Baszler has most recently been left in throwaway storylines in the months that followed which included partnering up with Nia Jax despite hating The Irresistible Force a few months ago.

Jax and Baszler recently lost the Women’s Tag Team Championships at WWE TLC when The Submission Magician was pinned by the returning Queen Charlotte Flair.

4. Otis and Mandy Rose -The Love Story

Otis and Mandy Rose were two of the most pushed stars on SmackDown earlier in the year after it was revealed by The SmackDown hacker that Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler were plotting to keep the two stars apart.

Rose and Otis later finally came together at WrestleMania in one of the biggest moments of the year, before Deville and Rose then stepped into a feud that culminated in a loser leaves WWE match at SummerSlam.

Following her victory over Deville, it appeared that Rose had no reason to remain on SmackDown and was moved over to Raw after The Miz interfered in their relationship. The move saw The Miz also follow over to Raw but continue his feud with Otis since he later took away his Money in the Bank contract.

Despite continuing the story between Miz and Otis, WWE decided to no longer continue any kind of relationship between Otis and Mandy Rose. The Golden Goddess is no longer mentioned on SmackDown and Otis is now part of a team with Chad Gable.

Rose has since moved on to a partnership with Dana Brooke over on Raw, where she has seemingly been handed a clean slate. There has been no mention of Otis and Mandy’s relationship in recent weeks and WWE fans are seemingly expected to believe that the draft split the duo.

3. The Brand-to-Brand Invitational

Back in May, while WWE was struggling with roster issues during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company introduced a new rule which was a spin on the original Wild Card Rule.

It was revealed that any superstar could represent their brand on the oppositie brand up to four times a year and this then opened the door to a number of WWE stars to make the move over to the other brand and step into feuds with fellow stars.

After the invitational was seemingly phased out, the rule made a return in September when Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura invaded Monday Night Raw to send a message to The Street Profits. It was during this segment that Cesaro noted that the Brand to Brand invitational was being brought back quarterly. Despite this, since the WWE Draft, it doesn’t appear as though any stars have felt the need to jump rosters except as part of the build-up to Survivor Series.

At present it doesn’t appear as though the brand to brand invitational is a rule in WWE, it was just a way for the company to cover roster several gaps caused early in the year.

Despite this, WWE could bring back the invitational at any time, much like back in September, but the rules would have to be a little different.

2. The Fiend vs Roman Reigns

There have been several stop/start feuds with Roman Reigns since he made his WWE return and turned heel, one of these was when Alexa Bliss made it appear as though The Fiend would be targeting Roman Reigns on an episode of SmackDown back in September. This later didn’t happen because The Fiend was drafted over to Raw.

Alexa Bliss joining The Fiend was a fantastic move from WWE since it has allowed the former Women’s Champion to show off her acting skills and even help The Fiend move forward. Bliss has been part of several of The Fiend’s recent feuds and was the one who was hinting that she would be going after Roman Reigns earlier in the year.

Reigns has since stepped into a feud with Kevin Owens, even though a feud with Daniel Bryan was already ready-made. Reports suggest that WWE decided that Owens would be a better option for TLC, and Bryan’s story with Reigns could then be picked up again at the beginning of 2021. It’s believed that Reigns will take on Daniel Bryan at The 2021 Royal Rumble.

Hopefully, the feud between Roman Reigns and The Fiend that WWE revisits in the future since The Fiend was Universal Champion ahead of Reigns’ return to WWE and would have a legitimate reason to target The Tribal Chief. At present, it would be difficult since the two stars are on different brands and Reigns looks as though he has several challengers for his Universal Championship standing in his way in 2021.

1. Liv Morgan and Lana – Lesbian Angle

The beginning of 2020 saw Liv Morgan make her return to WWE as part of an angle with Lana. Interestingly, Lana was part of a storyline with Bobby Lashley at the time, where she had divorced Rusev and gone on to marry Bobby Lashley. It was as part of their wedding that Liv Morgan came out to make her announcement which shocked the WWE Universe and led to a feud between Liv and Lana.

After just a few weeks, the storyline came to an abrupt end and Lashley then decided that Lana was no longer the woman he wanted to cling to, before requesting a divorce.

Bobby Lashley then became one of MVP’s recruits and is now the United States Champion and the CEO of The Hurt Business. Lana has since moved on to her own storyline where she developed a relationship with the announce tables, before being written off TV for a number of weeks.

Interestingly, Bobby Lashley and Lana haven’t crossed paths since, and their divorce wasn’t even revealed to have been finalized. Lana just moved on to a partnership with Natalya while Lashley partnered MVP.

Liv Morgan was drafted over to SmackDOwn where she has been partnered with Ruby Riott and the two women have reformed The Riott Squad without Sarah Logan. Morgan herself recently noted that WWE could revisit the angle in the future, this could be something that the network is looking for since it was recently revealed that The USA Network wnt more “adult content.”

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