There is a popular saying, “Age is just a number”. However, when it comes to sports, age is most certainly not just a number. WWE might be an entertainment program, but it remains a wrestling company which has professionally trained wrestlers. There have been superstars like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, who have wrestled into their late 50s/early 60s, while superstars like Edge, Christian and Stone Cold Steve Austin who were unfortunately forced to retire in their prime.

The current WWE roster is an amazing mix of young talents and experienced individuals, and in this article, we look at the oldest and youngest superstars currently employed by WWE.

For simplicity’s sake, we will include only the superstars who have full-time role with WWE, which means that while Nicholas may be the youngest champion in WWE and Undertaker is the oldest to main-event a WrestleMania, they wouldn’t be a part of this list.

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Rezar: Age 25

One half of Authors of Pain, Rezar is originally from the Netherlands and has competed in combat sports from a very young age. He won the Kickboxing Championship at the age of 15! Rezar later started training for a career in MMA, where he has a respectable 6-2 Win-Loss record.

Following his MMA career, Rezar joined NXT where he as put in a Tag-Team with Akam.

Rezar and Akam are currently off WWE television, and make sporadic appearances on SmackDown and RAW. Hopefully, these young men get a proper run in the future, as they have age on their side.

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Bobby Lashley: Age 43

The youngest of the oldest group, Lashley celebrated his 43rd birthday just over a month ago. Lashley first debuted in WWE in 2005, and was considered as the next big thing in WWE. He even featured in a match at WrestleMania representing the current United States President Donald Trump.

However, Lashley couldn’t find a proper spot in WWE, and eventually left the company in 2008. He had a short stint with TNA, following which he left the company in order to pursue his MMA career. Lashley returned to TNA in 2014 and stayed with the company for quite some time before returning to WWE at RAW after WrestleMania 34.

Lashley will always go down in the history books as a major misuse of a bright talent, and his failure to succeed in his current run is rather disappointing.