Lio Rush: Age 24

Lio Rush is one of the wildest cases in professional wrestling. Struggling with mental health issues while growing up, Rush eventually took up professional wrestling. After an extended run in the independent scene, Rush joined WWE in 2017. He had a rocky start to his WWE career, after tweeting out a disrespectful treat when Emma, got fired from WWE.

Rush eventually won the faith of WWE officials, and he was fast-tracked to the main roster. He was made the manager of the Bobby Lashley, in a partnership that paid dividends. Rush’s annoying character was a hit with the audience. However, earlier this year, Rush once again came under the radar for his backstage antics.

He has since disappeared from WWE altogether, and although he is still listed as a full-time wrestler, his return to the WWE ring remains an uncertainty.

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Shelton Benjamin: Age 43

Another individual from the Ruthless Aggression Era, Shelton Benjamin was among the same group of “next big things” as Bobby Lashley. However, even after delivering spectacular performances from time to time, Benjamin was relegated to the lower card and he eventually left the company.

Benjamin returned to WWE in 2017, and won gold with Chad Gable in the Tag-Team Division. He is currently scheduled to participate in the King of the Ring tournament, which started this week on RAW. He will contest against his former friend Chad Gable in the first round.