Humberto Carrillo: Age 23

Humberto Carillo is currently the youngest superstar on the main roster, and is a third generational Luchador from Mexico. His cousin, Garza Jr, made his debut for NXT recently. Carillo signed with WWE last year, and stayed on NXT for a short time before moving to 205 Live. He has competed for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, but is yet to grab the gold on the purple brand.

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Rey Mysterio: Age 44

The Master of 619, Rey Mysterio is rightfully termed as the “biggest little man” in WWE. Mysterio made a name for himself during his time with WCW, and moved to WWE at the turn of the century. He went on to become one of the top superstars in the company with his charming personality and high flying wrestling style.

Mysterio left WWE in 2014, for a career in the independent scene. He eventually returned to WWE last year, and has won the US Championship in his current run. Mysterio is one of the most iconic superstars in WWE history, and quite possibly the greatest Luchador of all time.