Best WWE Wrestlers of 2017 (Non-NXT)

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6. The Usos


2017 was decidedly the best year of their entire careers (so far). This claim applies to their in-ring game as well. Ever they became Down Since Day One Ish, they had adopted a much more mean-looking skillset, while still incorporating some elements from the former face-painted-warriors days into their act. Their ferocity was exhibited even better in stipulation matches, and that is why two out of the three matches we recommend involve weapons of some sort.

Recommended matches: The Usos vs The New Day (Summerslam Kick-off), The Usos vs The New Day (Hell in a Cell), The Usos vs The New Day (Smackdown Live September 12th).

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5. The New Day


Ah yes, the duo-in-crime of The Usos, and one of the teams that brought the tag team division to levels of prominence closest since the glorious regional days. We certainly had our hesitations between the trio and Roman Reigns’ buddies, but the variety in the former’s moveset gave them that extra inch over The Usos. Big E’s power, Kofi Kingston’s agility, and Xavier Woods’ explosiveness combined to make them the best tag team of 2017.

Recommended matches: See last list entry. Seriously, their matches with The Usos were THAT good.

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