Brock Lesnar is one of the most decorated superstars in not just professional wrestling, but all of the combat sports. After a successful amateur wrestling career, Lesnar moved to WWE and quickly became one of the top guys in the company.

Following his two-year stint with WWE, Lesnar moved to Japan and later moved to UFC. He returned in 2012 on a part-time contract and became the champion once again.

Lesnar may be one of the biggest superstars the industry has ever seen, but he does have his detractors. One of the major criticisms about Lesnar has been his involvement with short matches in his recent run, which run for a much shorter duration when compared to the other matches on the card.

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Brock Lesnar may have wrestled an Iron Man match in the past, but more often than not, the Beast Incarnate finishes off his opponents in quick fashion.

We look at ten of the shortest matches Lesnar has been a part of, and for simplicity, we have included only the main-roster PPVs, RAW, and Smackdown episodes.

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10. Brock Lesnar def. Hardcore Holly in 02:50 minutes

Brock Lesnar’s second-last match in WWE in his first run, and his last match on weekly television before ‘wrestling’ on the debut episode of Smackdown on FOX earlier this month.

Lesnar was scheduled to face Goldberg in a few weeks’ time and warmed up for the match with a quick squash of Hardcore Holly. Lesnar came out to Stone Cold’s music for this match, mocking the Rattlesnake who was supposed to be the guest referee for the match between Lesnar and Goldberg.

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9. Spanky def. Brock Lesnar by DQ in 01:43 minutes

Spanky, currently known as The Brian Kendrick, has had a long association with WWE. Spanky annoyed the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, which led him to a match against Brock Lesnar.

Spanky never got going and was at the receiving end of a triple powerbomb. Lesnar brought out a chair and split him wide open before throwing him out for good measure.

Lesnar technically lost the match by DQ, but never took any real damage in the matchup. It is fair to say we won’t see such matches in the current era. Brock Lesnar won’t partake in two-minute DQ finishes in 2019!