8. Brock Lesnar def. Shannon Moore in 01:38 minutes

During his run as the World Heavyweight Champion, Lesnar squashed a lot of opponents on a regular basis. In December 2003, Shannon Moore was on the receiving end of Lesnar Squash Special, as he took a fine beating from the Beast heading towards the festival season of 2003.

Lesnar chose Moore from a tumbler of names brought by his advocate Paul Heyman. This wasn’t the only time when Moore was on the receiving end of a Beast Feast though.

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7. Goldberg def. Brock Lesnar in 01:25 minutes

In what remains one of the most shocking moments in recent memory, Goldberg made his return to the ring after twelve years, and took out Brock Lesnar in under 90 seconds! This match took place at Survivor Series 2016, where Goldberg wrestled his first match in twelve years, while Lesnar competed for the first time since mauling Randy Orton at Summerslam.

Goldberg rocked Lesnar with a Spear and followed it up with a Jackhammer to pin the Beast Incarnate. Lesnar went on to take revenge for this loss at WrestleMania the following year.