6. Kurt Angle def. Brock Lesnar in 01:17 minutes

Kurt Angle defended his WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar on the episode of SmackDown and used some underhanded tactics to cross the line. Angle’s brother, Eric Angle, showed up for the match and took some beating from Brock Lesnar.

The real Kurt showed up later on and took advantage of the distraction to defeat Lesnar and retain his title in quick fashion.

This match was the main event of SmackDown, and such a match would have surely pissed off many viewers during that time.

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5. Brock Lesnar def. Paul London in 01:00 minute

Paul London made his debut in WWE with this match and was immediately greeted by a destructive force of nature in Brock Lesnar. Once again Vince McMahon was annoyed by a superstar and put him in a match against Lesnar.

London was given a warm welcome by Lesnar, who at the time was in a feud with the Undertaker, who was in his biker gimmick at that time.

Spanky ran out to save London after the quick match but was at the receiving end of a Lesnar beat-down.