Current Real Life Couples In WWE

Zack Ryder & Chelsea Green

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Zack Ryder will always be remembered as the wrestler who could have been so much more but is only used rarely. He is dating Chelsea Green who is a recent NXT signee. It’s a long road for her to make it to the main roster but the two could help each other out once she gets there.

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Michelle McCool and Undertaker

Collectively the tallest couple in WWE, McCool is retired while Undertaker makes sporadic appearances. The two got married in 2010 after having dated since 2007 and have one child together. This is the Undertaker’s third marriage and McCool’s second. They could have been the most powerful couple in WWE but chose not to alter their wrestling personas to accommodate such an angle.

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Roderick Strong and Marina Shafir

You might not have heard much about these two if you do not follow NXT or UFC. Strong did make an appearance at the Greatest Royal Rumble where he entered at number 34. Shafir is in NXT now but was part of UFC’s four horsewoman under Ronda Rousey. They had a child in 2017 before they were married in 2018.