Last Minute Predictions For WWE Super Show-Down

predictions for super show-down
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The Super Show-Down is set to be one of the most unique shows WWE has produced in recent years. It is not exactly a pay-per-view and will take place on a Saturday. It reminds us of the “in your house” shows from the attitude era.

That does not mean that it isn’t packed with potential. On the contrary, it has an almost Wrestlemania worthy card. The thing though is that WWE generally tends to play it safe at these shows but there are still some crazy things that could go down on Saturday.

Here are our predictions for the Super Show-Down in Australia (Oct 6).

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Nikki Bella turns on Ronda Rousey

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We start off with an obvious one. This has been in the cards for a long time and Rousey needs someone to feud with. Nikki Bella is considered as a top talent and is primed and ready for a heel turn.

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This will, however, take place after they have already won their match. Somewhat like Evolution turned on Randy Orton back in the day. Expect wild celebrations to take place with a lot of hugs and smiles that quickly turns into a post-match attack on Rousey.

There won’t be much of an explanation given as to why Nikki turns on Rousey as that will probably be saved for the upcoming RAW. Anything from jealousy to professional rivalry could be possible reasons which would be explored in the coming weeks. Whether Brie Bella will also be a part of the attack is something that we will have to wait and see.

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The IIconics win their first big match

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Normally the IIconics wouldn’t even be on the main card of such a high profile event but given the fact that it is their hometown and there aren’t any big names from Australia working for the WWE, they will be allowed to win just to keep the home crowd happy.

This means that Asuka and Naomi might even lose cleanly. It’s not like this feud has been gaining any major traction and the only reason it was hastily put in place was to give the IIconics a reason to be on the show and evoke some hometown reactions and emotions.

Whether this will work or will the IIconics get booed even by their home crowd is something that we will find out on Saturday.