1. The Babyface Brigade

Image via WWE

WWE has slowly been building several superstars on RAW this past few months, and although it has been tad annoying, certain superstars have benefitted greatly from this methodical booking. Rusev is one of the top babyfaces on RAW currently, along with Kevin Owens, which is a major surprise considering both of them were constantly getting beaten up as heels not so long ago.

Along with these two superstars, WWE has also turned another monstrous heel, Samoa Joe, as a babyface, and after his actions on tonight’s RAW, Joe seems to be on the path for a major push in the coming months.

It has been quite some time since we had a badass babyface, who is perfect on the mic and can go in the ring, and Samoa Joe as a face is something the WWE Universe will accept with open arms.

Heading into 2020, the RAW roster looks fresh with great heels and perfect faces, but WWE needs to start some stories to back it up.

2. The Squash Won’t Stop

Image via WWE

WWE had a total of eight non-consequential matches this week, which only served as a reminder of the talents they have on the roster. Superstars like Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy, Ricochet, Erick Rowan, etc. featured in squash matches for the umpteenth time, and WWE really needs to put an end to this saga.

Even Charlotte Flair participated in a non-consequential match this week, which only goes to highlight WWE’s lack of competence when it comes to booking proper rivalries for its top superstars.

Drew McIntyre promised to become the top guy in 2020, Black and Murphy will face off against each other next week, Erick Rowan is still teasing the mystery pet and Rusev is a changed man. These are the stories which were told this week, but it won’t sustain in the long run.