3. A Swerve Incoming? 

Image via Twitter

WWE has repackaged Liv Morgan into a new avatar, with shades of Emmalina character from all those years ago. The Emmalina gimmick never took off and WWE quickly went back to the Emma character, and it seems like we are getting the second coming of that storyline.

Morgan’s cryptic promos surely mean something different than what we are seeing on our TV screens currently, and there is more to the new gimmick than meets the eye. Morgan is a talented superstar and can easily become a top force in the Women’s Division, but it won’t happen with a gimmick reminiscent of the infamous Diva Era.

4. Stale 24/7

Image via WWE

Trust WWE to take a good thing and beat it to death, as they have done with the 24/7 Championship. R-Truth has been the champion more than Ric Flair has had one-night stands, and it has dragged on for way too long at this point.

There are several superstars in WWE’s lower card, which could use some time with the 24/7 title instead of being jobbed out on a daily basis. However, WWE’s insistence to keep it on Truth the whole time has made the whole gimmick stale, and it is dying a slow death.

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