The Top 5 WrestleMania Opening Matches

As it is WrestleMania season we thought of sharing what we think are the top 5 WrestleMania opening matches. With over 30 matches to choose from this is going to be hard! The opening match can often set the tone for the show and these are the best!

5. Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero | WrestleMania 21

These guys would have a really intense feud, but at WrestleMania 21 they were actually tag team champions, tag team champions who would open the show by taking each other on. It was a pretty cool idea and one of the more forgotten WrestleMania matches. They put on a good and fun match that eventually saw Rey Mysterio getting the win and both men shaking hands at the end of the match.

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4. Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match | WrestleMania 31

There have been a few ladder matches that have opened WrestleMania, but this one here is the best of the bunch in our opinion. Daniel Bryan would eventually win and become the Intercontinental Champion. What is great about this match is that it is not too long, but it is filled with lots of drama and crazy high spots.


3. The Rockers vs The Barbarian & Haku | WrestleMania VII

We love The Rockers and this match did what it was supposed to, wake the crowd up and get them excited for the rest of the show. While this match may not be the most memorable in WrestleMania history. It is a very fun match and one that starts the show off on the right foot.