WWE’s Most Defining Moments Of 2018

Shawn Michaels Returns To In-Ring Action

Shawn Michaels was considered to have retired for good but it is said that you should never say never in wrestling (especially if Saudi money is involved). You might expect this to rank higher but the actual match was so-so and everybody had the same reaction – HBK should have stayed retired.

Evolution: The First All-Women’s Pay-Per-View

2018 as a whole was a landmark year for women’s wrestling but if one moment had to be chosen then it would be the very end of the Evolution PPV where despite expectations it ended up being one of the more successful PPVs of the year proving once and for all that women’s wrestling is here to stay.

Carmella Becomes The Champion

This is listed here because given the year some of the mainstay women’s wrestlers such as Charlotte, Ronda Rousey, and Becky Lynch had, it is almost unthinkable that Carmella of all people not only won the Women’s Money in the Bank but actually cashed in to become the champ.