WWE’s Most Defining Moments Of 2018

Shane McMahon Gets Crowned As The Best Wrestler In The World

There were many worthy contenders for this title and Shane McMahon has made his contributions to the wrestling business but this was shocking and undeserving to say the least. Thankfully, WWE seems to have dropped the whole idea of late and have themselves taken multiple jabs at it.

Enzo Amore Tries To Hijack Survivor Series

If you have played the career mode in WWE 2K19 then you might be familiar of the part where your character hijacks WWE shows. Enzo tried to emulate that in real life but it didn’t quite have the same effect. If anything, him standing up on his chair in the second row and trying to get people to say his catchphrase fell flat and the only thing he gained was more embarrassment.

Ronda Rousey Puts Triple H Through A Table

When we learnt that Rousey’s initial program was going to involve Stephanie McMahon, we were miffed but it gave us this awesome moment where Rousey proved without a shadow of doubt that she is one of the baddest women on earth. Seeing her cleanly lift Triple H and slamming him through a table was one of the eye-popping moments of 2018.