WWE’s Most Defining Moments Of 2018

Daniel Bryan Makes His In-Ring Return

This might not seem like a big thing now given how often he wrestles but at the start of 2018, seeing Daniel Bryan wrestle again was only a wish. He not only returned but had some amazing matches with the likes of The Miz, AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar and is still going strong.

Becky Lynch’s Heel Turn

If 2018 had to be anyone’s year it most definitely has to be Becky Lynch’s. She was always expected to be in the shadow of Charlotte but in 2018 she broke free in a magnificent manner and it all began with her heel turn. Her transformation into ‘The Man’ has been one of the most refreshing things happening in wrestling right now.

Roman Reigns Announces He Has Leukemia

We have to conclude our list on a sad note. In an era of fake moments and leaked spoilers, this genuine moment when Reigns announced he has Leukemia and relinquished his Universal Championship hit wrestling fans like a ton of bricks.

In a single moment Roman Reigns went from being the most booed wrestler to the wrestler who brought tears in even the most stone-hearted fan. We end this list hoping that one of the defining moments of 2019 is the Big Dog’s return.