WWE’s annual pay-per-view where RAW and SmackDown (and NXT) superstars go head-to-head in 1-on-1, strike that, triple threat competition, Survivor Series is fast approaching us. The addition of NXT as the third brand has spiced things up this year, as the black-and-gold brand of WWE, has taken the main roster by the storm.

For the last three years, WWE has presented Survivor Series as a battle for brand supremacy, with superstars from RAW and SmackDown looking to one-up each other in traditional survivor series matchups.

With the addition of the NXT roster this year, the PPV has become even more interesting, and will surely be a must-watch come November 24.

We look at the rundown of the Survivor Series 2019 match card so far, and give our thoughts and predictions on how the show will go down!

Event: Survivor Series
Date: November 24, 2019
Location: Allstate Arena, Chicago
Pre-Show Time: 5 PM EST
Main Show Time: 7 PM EST

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Women’s Championship Showcase: Becky Lynch (RAW) vs. Bayley (SD) vs. Shayna Baszler (NXT)

The three stalwarts from the respective brands have the most story as of now. Becky Lynch has become not just the number one wrestler in the women’s division of WWE, but has potentially overtaken her male counterparts to become the number one superstar in the whole company. Participating in the match with her will be the Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler, who’s had a destructive run in NXT and has stayed as the champion for quite some time now.

Bayley recently turned heel, and ditched her popular gimmick for a completely new avatar. All three champions will look to make a case for their respective rosters at the PPV, and it will be interesting to see who takes the pin in this matchup.

Prediction: Shayna Baszler wins.

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Tag Team Championship Showcase: Viking Raiders (RAW) vs. New Day (SD) vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT)

The second match announced for the show was a battle between the three top tag-teams from the three brands. The Revival was originally announced to be SmackDown’s representative, but New Day ended their reign earlier this month on SmackDown.

All the three teams participating in this matchup are tremendously talented, and this match is a potential ‘Match of the Month’ contender if WWE gives it the right time.

Like most of the Survivor Series matches, it is quite difficult to predict which route WWE will go with this matchup, as all the three teams are champions and WWE wouldn’t want to undermine any one of them. However, Viking Raiders have a total of only one loss against their names, which came at the Crown Jewel show during the Tag-Team Turmoil.

Prediction: Viking Raiders win

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Men’s Traditional Survivor Series Match

WWE announced the addition of the traditional Survivor Series matchups, which has been the staple of Survivor Series events over the years. Seth Rollins will lead the red brand, while his former Shield brother, Roman Reigns, takes the lead for Friday Night SmackDown.

The first-ever NXT team is yet to be revealed for the traditional Survivor Series matchup.

Rollins teased a return to NXT, and there have been rumors of an impending heel turn for the former Universal Champion. WWE is openly acknowledging the negative reactions to Seth’s current character and it could lead to a betrayal at Survivor Series. Seth turning on his team to join Triple H’s NXT team will be a great way for this match to go down.

Prediction: NXT wins after Seth Rollins betrays

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Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match

Image via WWE

Although WWE doesn’t have an extensive female roster, fifteen of WWE’s Women Wrestlers will fight for survival in this traditional Survivor Series matchup. SmackDown and RAW have already declared their teams with Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair as their leaders.

The entirety of NXT’s Women’s Division is fighting in the first-ever Women’s War Games Match just one night before this event, which could slim down the chances of an NXT win. With Sasha Banks at the helm, Smackdown could edge out RAW and NXT

Prediction: SmackDown wins

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The Midcard Battle: AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The three secondary title-holders from the respective shows will compete in what is bound to be one of the best WWE matches in recent memory. Three absolutely talented superstars, known for their exceptional in-ring performances, will battle it out in a mouth-watering triple threat battle.

All three participants are currently heels, which points towards a possible title change for one of the superstars in the battle.

It is quite difficult to predict the winner, as all the three superstars aren’t known for being highly protected, and take pins from time-to-time. Strong, however, is the younger superstar and could use a win to solidify his credentials. At the same time, Styles has a good heel run going on and a defeat might make him look weak.

Prediction: AJ Styles wins

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NXT Championship Match: Adam Cole(c) vs. Pete Dunne/Damien Priest/Killian Dain

In a rather surprising addition to the Survivor Series card, Adam Cole is set to defend his championship on Sunday, which will be his third match in a span of five days, after facing Dominik Dijakovic in a ladder match on NXT and the WarGames on Saturday. It was earlier believed that Cole will take on Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt, similar to the other champions from the three brands. However, WWE decided to go a different route, and after announcing title defenses for Lesnar and Wyatt, Cole will join in on the action too.

The three individuals will face off at Takeover in what will undoubtedly be a hard-hitting encounter. The winner, most likely Dunne, will get a chance to make their Survivor Series debut, and feature in the first NXT Championship match on a main-roster PPV.

Adam Cole’s long reign will surely not end on a non-NXT PPV, and this match is most likely a way of introducing main-roster audiences to the NXT environment.

Prediction: Adam Cole retains

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“No Holds Barred” Match For WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

WWE’s first championship match on the Survivor Series show in three years will see the Beast Incarnate take on the greatest luchador of all time in what will be a culmination of a highly heated rivalry.

Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio will turn back the clocks to reignite a decade old rivalry, as Mysterio faces a daunting task ahead of him. For Lesnar, it will be his third straight Survivor Series show fighting opponents of much smaller frames, as he defeated AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan at the past two editions as the Universal Champion.

It is safe to assume that the Beast will continue his reign, and Mysterio won’t be receiving a final title run any time soon. The announcement of the match becoming a No Holds Barred Match will definitely add more intrigue, as Lesnar and Mysterio will be able to display more of their offense with weapons involved.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins

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WWE Universal Championship: The Fiend vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is The Fiend’s first victim after the Universal Champion got drafted to SmackDown after defeating Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel. The Fiend attacked Bryan last week on SmackDown and laid him down with Mandible Claw. WWE has done a good job of building this feud, adding the elements from their previous feud and also the slow face turn for Daniel Bryan.

The Fiend has been presented as an invincible threat in the company, having destroyed Seth
Rollins and Finn Balor on PPVs. This feud is serving a simple purpose of reigniting the wildly
popular YES Movement led by Daniel Bryan, and it will take weeks before we see Bryan back in
his old avatar.

Prediction: The Fiend Bray Wyatt retains