2019 Is Going To Be A Very Interesting Year For WWE

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2018 has proved to be a landmark year for WWE and the independent circuit. Vince McMahon enjoyed the year as much as fans did, although Q3 didn’t prove to be good to him owing to Roman Reigns‘ sudden medical hiatus and the upcoming hot “All Elite Wrestling” promotion filing numerous trademarks.

WWE currently has a plethora of Superstars under contract and the roster is larger than ever. With AEW currently rumored to be in development, Vince currently aims to lock down several wrestlers who could change the landscape of the indies.

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On PWInsider Elite audio, Mike Johnson discussed WWE’s upcoming plans for 2019. ROH and NJPW have already given McMahon nightmares over the last couple of years, thus forcing him to diversify and increase WWE’s content come 2019.

“WWE is obviously trying to lock a lot of talent in for 2019 assuming the landscape is going to change and they want to protect themselves and protect their long-term future as much as possible. Which is if you’re WWE heading into the Fox deal heading into the new USA Network deal. Heading into what Vince McMahon has claimed will be sort of a re-imagining of the live event process, heading into creating more content than ever before for the WWE streaming network. You know you want to protect yourself as much as possible and I think that’s what they’re doing.”

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It would be interesting to see whether WWE is able to make eye-popping offers to its talent in order to prevent them from leaving for other promotions. Many current Superstars have already been reported to be interested in AEW including CM Punk, who left WWE in 2014.

McMahon’s rivals are getting stronger with each passing day and there could soon be a war coming up in 2019 or early 2020. And this time it doesn’t really have to be “Monday Night Wars 2.0” as rival promotions can take advantage of the hugely popular social media channels and streaming services to give WWE a hard time in the pro-wrestling business.