“A Confused Kid Who Can’t Find Her Way in Life” – Paul Heyman on Liv Morgan

Paul Heyman is a genius in the wrestling business. He worked as a mouthpiece for Brock Lesnar for several years before becoming a special counselor to the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

In the new WWE Network series, Liv Forever, Paul Heyman shared his thoughts on Morgan. He stated that Liv didn’t want to be “labeled” in WWE and Paul said that this is what made her character unique.

“What did I see in Liv Morgan? A confused kid who can’t find her way in life, that has dreams that are defined in her head that she can’t articulate or convey to her friends or the masses, but is chasing an indescribable dream that only she herself can truly understand.”

“There are so many people out there just like that. My daughter is 18 and she always tells me, ‘stop trying to define me,’ and that’s what we, as an entertainment company, try to do. We try to define every character with absolute.”

“Here is the exception that defines a rule because Liv can’t be defined and she doesn’t want to be. Because no one that age wants a label placed on them.”

Heyman also said that he was proud of Lana and Liv’s storyline. Even though their segment received a lot of negative feedback from the fans, it put Morgan in front of millions of fans.

Had WWE decided to take advantage of it, the former Riott Squad member could’ve become a much bigger star.