Adam Cole On Whether Kenny Omega And The Young Bucks Can Join The Undisputed Era

The hottest names in the independent pro-wrestling circuit, IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks recently defeated WWE’s The New Day in a “Street Fighter” Showdown. Omega and The Young Bucks had earlier been asked by fans whether they will ever join WWE down the line. The answer has always been negative from the trio given that Omega and Bucks are making more money than WWE will spend on them, if they ever hooked a deal with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world today.

Omega had a brief run in the developmental territory of WWE before he was released. It is evident that CEO Vince McMahon regrets that decision and his inability to foresee what the young talent would become in the coming years. It is to be noted that WWE had been pushing The Usos to replicate The Young Bucks’ “Superkick Party” although that hasn’t proved to be much of a success.

Recently, NXT North American Champion Adam Cole spoke to SI Extra Mustard where he opened up whether The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega would fit in The Undisputed Era.

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Cole said,

“Those guys would fit perfectly in the Undisputed Era. They’re exactly what the Undisputed Era is all about: cutting-edge, going against the grain, doing what they want when they want. Obviously, a lot of people know my history with Kenny Omega, and I have a very long history with the Young Bucks, and those guys would fit perfectly. It’s like two peas in a pod.”

Cole was a part of The Bullet Club and it turns out that he is ready to welcome his brothers from his former stable with open arms.

The Undisputed Era is often considered to be the counterpart of the Golden Elite given the fact that both the stables are covered in championship gold.

WWE definitely has a lot of money at its disposal, owing to a couple of massive television contracts, which makes it evident that the promotion can afford Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. However, only time will tell if that would ever happen, although never say never in pro-wrestling.