Adam Cole Says ‘It’s Cool’ To Perform In The Wednesday Night Wars

NXT is set to begin airing on USA Network in three weeks' time

Image via WWE

WWE NXT is set to begin airing on USA Network in three weeks’ time, and the Wednesday Night Wars between WWE and AEW will start in the first week of October. Superstars from both the companies are hyping their shows to the fullest while giving total respect to their opponents.

NXT Champion Adam Cole recently appeared on the Busted Open Radio and talked about the upcoming battle against All Elite Wrestling. Cole also said that he was proud to see the growth of NXT brand as a whole, and felt that NXT is the best show in the world currently.

“One of the coolest things for me is seeing the growth of the brand as time has gone on. I mean even since I got here two years ago until now obviously with this jump to the USA Network it’s like month by month there’s been little things where the brand has continued to grow where more and more people have checked it out and watched it.”

“I stand by the fact that bell-to-bell NXT puts on the best shows on the planet. I stand by that. I’m really proud of our group.”

Adam Cole joined WWE roughly two years ago and made his debut during NXT Brooklyn III. Cole, along with Kyle O’ Reilly and Bobby Fish, took over NXT and called themselves “The Undisputed Era”.

Two years on, Cole and his buddies are still plying their trade in the yellow brand, and have dominated the NXT brand for quite some time now. Roderick Strong joined their faction, and the four superstars have performed at the highest level each week.

When questioned whether he is excited for the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars, Cole felt that the competition was intense and NXT is ready.

“Sure, yeah so that’s the thing first and foremost a big reason NXT has gotten to where we have. Of course, there’s no question and obviously there will be a lot of comparisons. We’re going live at the exact same time [as AEW]. There’s the new Wednesday Night Wars or whatever people are calling it, but NXT did get to the USA Network based on the work within NXT.”

Just like every wrestling fan in the world, Cole is excited for the War. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype!