Adam Cole Sends Out Interesting Tweet Ahead of Tonight’s Episode of NXT

Ada Cole has been struggling ever since he lost his NXT Championship to Keith Lee at NXT’s Great American Bash. Things seemingly got worse for the former Champion when he was confronted by a number of controversial comments while appearing on Pat McAfee’s radio show last month.

Cole swore at the host a number of times after he commented that Cole was clever by using Undisputed Era to get what he wants because he is a much smaller superstar. Cole then exited the interview halfway through, after pushing a producer.

Of course, Cole then apologized publicly on Twitter for his actions which seemingly wrapped up the affair and showed that Cole was going through something personal in his own head that day. McAfee himself later said that he believed this could have been a miscommunication.

The former Champion recently updated another interesting Tweet where he talks about fixing something as well as hearing some interesting news.

Could Pat McAfee be heading to Orlando or could this have something to do with the future of Undisputed Era and Adam Cole in NXT? With all the talk of stables heading to the main roster, could it be time for The Undisputed Era to move forward in their quest to dominate WWE?