Adam Cole Swears on Radio Show, Storms Off After Digs About His Size

Adam Cole recently appeared on Pat McAfee’s radio show where it appeared that the former NXT Champion would be open to discuss his time as Champion. His reign came to an end a few weeks ago as part of the second night of The Great American Bash when he was defeated by Keith Lee.

Lee won the Winner Takes All main event for both the North American Championship and the NXT Championship. Lee went on to relinquish the North American Championship as part of last night’s episode of NXT.

Cole has been rumored to be moving to the main roster following his loss since Vince McMahon is reported to be interested in having the former Champion on Raw or SmackDown. Earlier today, Adam Cole could have been teasing a move alone since the constant jabs about The Undisputed Era led to a physical response.

McAfee talked about Cole’s title reign and that he had a lot of help and even though the former NXT star stated that it was smart business before moving on to talk about his size, Cole wasn’t willing to listen.

Cole knocked over a mic before swearing at McAfee a number of times, pushing a producer who walked in to try and calm the star down and then stormed off the set, after he swore at the former NFL star a few more times.

This could all be a work from Cole which could lead to the split of Undisputed Era, or it could be that the recent NXT Championship loss has affected Cole and this was the reaction that McAfee was looking for.

At present, it’s unknown but the next few weeks for the former Champion should be interesting since all eyes seem to be on Cole at present and these could lead towards a main roster call up following SummerSlam.