Adam Cole Talks Shawn Michaels Producing All His Matches, Working With Him Directly

Cole is often hailed as the next Michaels in the business

Image via Twitter

NXT is switching over to USA Network on September 18 as WWE looks to counter AEW’s weekly TNT show on Wednesday nights.

Adam Cole, the current face of NXT, has had a heck of a career on the developmental brand. Not only is he the reigning NXT Champion, but he is also the frontman of the vicious infamous faction, Undisputed Era.

In the pro wrestling business, a lot depends on the producers and mentors who have the power to make or break a wrestler’s career. And blessed are those chosen ones who have the opportunity to work with legends and icons behind-the-scenes the entire time.

On Chasing Glory podcast, Cole talked about his relationship with Shawn Michaels and how the Hall Of Famer himself produces all his matches.

Michael Hayes and Shawn Michaels. Michael is great, brilliant. Normally, he’s involved in producing my matches. Shawn Michaels is involved in every one of my matches. At the Performance Center, I work with him directly. He’s like a mentor for so many of us in NXT. He takes a liking and makes sure he has a hand in everything that we’re doing.” 

HBK took a lot of convincing to finally accept the gig at the Performance Center. His new role as Coach has allowed him to work actively with younger talents while passing on all the invaluable knowledge and experience that he has gained throughout his illustrious career.

“The best thing about Shawn is, he lets us come up with what we think, and he’ll get excited about what we come up with. If we’re stumped on something, in five seconds he’ll go, ‘what if you did this’ and it’s amazing. It’s awesome to have those two there to pick their brains. They played a big part in creating what we created [at TakeOver: Toronto].”

This isn’t the first time that Cole has publicly praised Mr. WrestleMania. The inaugural NXT North American Champion has time and again hailed HBK as his inspiration – even before stepping foot in WWE.