Adam Rose Talks About Drug Addiction And Self-Sabotaging His WWE Career

Rose wrestled in WWE from 2010-2016

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Raymond John Leppan a.k.a. Adam Rose was one of the most entertaining Superstars in WWE. However, things didn’t go according to plan and Rose ended up self-sabotaging his once-promising WWE career.

Rose is now retired but he arrived on the main roster with some fantastic vignettes and a catchy Party Animal gimmick. His Exotic Express was well-received by fans and The Bunny character was pretty hot for months. For those unaware, The Bunny was none other than ex-Superstar Justin Gabriel in disguise.

During a recent interview with Orlando Sentinel, Rose talked about his downfall and the final stages of his WWE career that involved some self-sabotage.

“I was an idiot at the end – a moron, a bumbling buffoon. I made mistake after mistake, a lot of them out of self-sabotage because I was so unhappy. I developed a drug addiction and just acted out in every way. The fact that WWE let me leave on what I consider good terms and helped me get clean is a miracle.”

Things might have turned out differently had WWE reprised Rose’s former NXT character, Leo Kruger on his main roster debut. Party Animal gimmicks can only go so far and quite unsurprisingly, No Way Jose also got buried within a couple of weeks following his RAW debut.

“When they told me [I was going to the main roster], I was petrified. NXT saw Adam Rose at his best; they saw the character grow up, all the way back from when I was [former character] Leo Kruger. Everyone who goes to Full Sail knows how special it is there. For some of us, it’s the best place for us, because once the [WWE] machine eats you up and spits you out, you know it. Nothing prepares you for the day-to-day life on the road. But how many people get the opportunity to have that opportunity?”