AEW All Out in Jeopardy, Jon Moxley Reveals His Favorite Duo in WWE

All Elite Wrestling has been equally hit by the COViD-19 pandemic as several other companies, including their rivals WWE, and had to cancel several shows over the past few months due to the outbreak. AEW All Out was the big hype show before their eventual premiere on TNT last year, but it seems like the sequel for that show could be in jeopardy.

AEW All Out was scheduled to return to Chicago at the Sears Center on Labor Day, but it seems like those plans won’t work out anymore. Chicago governor has announced that no major shows will be held in the state until a vaccine comes into the market, which effectively means All Out won’t take place in the state.

AEW’s next PPV presentation is Double or Nothing, a sequel from last year, which was their first-ever official PPV. Double or Nothing was scheduled to take place from MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, but AEW recently announced that the PPV would continue but from an undisclosed location. DON will air on May 23rd, two weeks from now, and will feature the first-ever TNT Championship match.

AEW’s top star currently, Jon Moxley, had a long and fruitful run in WWE for quite some time. Even though he left on good terms with WWE, Moxley has been pretty vocal about his frustrations with the company and has called them for their poor booking quite a few times.

The AEW World Champion recently spoke with Fightful and talked about his time with the company. When he was asked about his favorite people to work with, Moxley replied with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, who worked with WWE as backstage producers. They were also famously Seth Rollins’ bodyguards as the J&J security.

Moxley called Noble the best to work with, and also said Michael Hayes has proven him wrong on a few occasions. Hayes is one of the long-standing employees of WWE and has been a major face in the creative process for years.

Moxley is quite happy with his time in AEW, and he will be defending his world title against a fellow mistreated former WWE employee, Brodie Lee (Luke Harper).