AEW All Out: Matt Hardy Suffers Potentially Serious Injury, Defeats Sammy Guevara

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara have put each other through hell over the past few months and finally, the two men collided in a Broken Rules match at All Out which was essentially a Last Man Standing Match.

Hardy delivered a side effect from an elevated platform in the opening stages of the match and fell clean on the back of his head, which led to medical staff having to intervene.

Hardy tried to continue but fell over a number of times and made it clear that he had a concussion, so referee Aubrey Edwards threw up the X a number of times and it appeared that the match had been abandoned.

The fact that Hardy’s AEW career was on the line in the match meant that Hardy couldn’t lose this way, so shockingly, the former WWE star returned and managed to continue the match.

The ending of the match was short as Hardy and Guevara climbed up on one of the steel structures surrounding the ring and Hardy then punched The Spanish God in the face and he fell from quite a height through a smaller platform below. This was enough to keep the star down and award the win to Hardy.

It was obvious that Hardy was hurt and the match needed to be a win for Matt, so AEW officials decided to allow the two stars to fight it out for a few more seconds so that the match had the right winner.

Hopefully, when Hardy is recovered, the two men can have the match that they planned for tonight.

As of writing, there has been no official medical update from AEW on Matt Hardy, who could be out for a few weeks after suffering what looked like a genuine concussion in the opening stages of this bout.