AEW Announces Locations For 2nd and 3rd TV Tapings

AEW is using analytics to target areas with better wrestling trends

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AEW is set to start airing weekly episodes on TNT beginning October 2nd, two days before SmackDown Live debuts on FOX. AEW’s first episode is set to be presented from nation’s capital Washington DC, and the seats for the show were sold out within minutes.

The popularity of AEW is on the rise, which is clear from the sell-out crowds in their PPVs and the weekly show as well. In an “uncensored” version of Being the Elite, Cody Rhodes announced the locations for the 2nd and 3rd episodes of AEW’s weekly show, rumored to be titled “Wednesday Night Dynamite”.

The second show is set to take place from Boston while the caravan moves to Philadelphia for the third week. Both the cities are known for hardcore wrestling crowds, and both the episodes should easily feature sold-out crowds.

Cody Rhodes explained in a recent interview the plans for AEW to target areas with better wrestling trends and using analytics in the company. The move to target Boston and Philly are definitely based on this analytics and will help the company to present a pretty picture of itself.

Sold out arenas will help to present itself as a big company and stand out as a proper competition for WWE. WWE has seen half-empty arenas recently, which doesn’t paint a good image of the company.

Any event with even a small portion of the arena unfilled will be headline-worthy and fans and share holders won’t enjoy such headlines. WWE’s recent struggles with ratings and non-sold out arenas have been well documented by several news reporting websites, which is a major interest killer for the fans.

AEW’s strategies to focus on the business side of the company are looking excellent currently, and with the high-quality wrestling to support it, the company will no doubt have a great run on TNT.