AEW Announces Video Game With Yuke’s, Two Gaming Apps

With next-gen gaming consoles officially hitting the market, AEW made the grand announcement that everybody has been waiting for – AEW Video Game.

The AEW Games virtual press conference kicked off at 6:45 PM on Tuesday afternoon as Kenny Omega took the stage with a Steve Jobs look.

The Cleaner reflected on AEW’s journey since January 2019 and thanked fans for supporting them through the pandemic. He further mentioned it’s part of his AEW contract to be part of the AEW Games.

Omega noted that he wants a game that’s “easy to pick up, but difficult to master,” like NBA Jam or NFL Blitz, and quickly showed a “preliminary version” of the game which was actually an 8-bit game displayed as a joke.

Omega then unveiled the actual trailer of the AEW console game and confirmed that the company is working with Yuke’s on the new gaming project.

Next came Aubrey Edwards who revealed to have assembled the best developers for the game. She announced AEW’s mobile games division which includes Elite General Manager.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD then emerged on stage to announce that she is in full charge of the AEW Games t-shirt. The merchandise is available for purchase on AEW’s official website.

Cody Rhodes walked out to highlight the fact that he really wanted to be the head of AEW Games but Tony Khan eventually turned down his request. The former TNT Champion stated that the company wants to give fans something they can play much sooner. AEW Casino: Double or Nothing was announced for this winter.

It is to be noted that all four AEW stars were dressed in Steve Jobs attire as they played their roles and made the announcements.

Finally, Omega declared that Hideki Iwashita, director of WWF No Mercy, is onboard with the AEW console game.