AEW Banned ‘Anti-WWE’ Signs During Dynamite, Chris Jericho Says WWE Is Embarrassed

aew dynamite debut
Image via Twitter

All Elite Wrestling presented their much-anticipated debut on television this week, and they came out on top in the first installment of Wednesday Night Wars. AEW pulled a 1.4 million viewership as compared to NXT’s 800k.

The war between the two companies is well and truly on, despite individuals from both the companies denying the existence of any such war. AEW pulled a good move during the Dynamite taping on Wednesday and banned the fans from bringing any anti-WWE signs during the show.

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Independent companies often take shots at WWE and their booking, with Cody Rhodes himself taking a major jab at WWE during AEW Double or Nothing. Cody used a sledgehammer to destroy a throne, directly taking shots at Triple H.

However, the company has apparently turned around on its anti-WWE propaganda, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and wishes to focus on the positive side of things. AEW officials informed the door guards at the arena to confiscate all the signs which spoke negatively about WWE.

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However, during the show, a sign which read ‘Vince fears ratings’ was clearly visible, which is definitely an ‘anti-WWE’ sign. WON reported that this sign made through the gates as the security officials weren’t aware of its meaning, and it was later confiscated.

It was reported a few months ago that WWE confiscated all the signs pertaining to All Elite Wrestling during their shows, and it seems like AEW is doing the same at their own shows.

AEW may not want to present an anti-WWE image in the professional wrestling industry, but its wrestlers have certainly not received the memo.

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Chris Jericho bashed WWE after AEW comfortably beat them in ratings, and said that WWE is embarrassed after AEW triumphed over NXT, despite WWE’s constant efforts to stay ahead of the competition.

Jericho is certainly not holding back with his words and there will be more jabs in the weeks to come.