AEW Dynamite Opening Video Revealed, Kevin Owens Responsible For Cody Rhodes-The Young Bucks Union

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All Elite Wrestling’s brand new weekly show, Dynamite debuts on TNT this Wednesday, October 2, and the opening video has already been revealed.

The video is painted with color splashes and looks highly appealing for drawing both new and younger audience. Plenty of memorable moments from AEW’s previous pay-per-view make up the 24-second long introductory video.

Meanwhile, the President of AEW, Tony Khan has confirmed the next location for the promotion’s next event in December. Next stop: Champaign!

AEW’s TNT debut takes place just two days ahead of WWE SmackDown’s switch over to FOX.

The good news is that after months of waiting, the Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and WWE NXT will officially kick-off in less than 48 hours. Let the games begin!

Today, EVPs Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are nothing short of a family, but their relationship wouldn’t have emanated the same way had Kevin Owens not played the ‘cupid’.

During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Rhodes revealed that it was KO who had actually introduced him to Matt and Nick.

“I’m a big organizer and planner. So I had been in [WWE wrestler] Kevin Owens’ ear, like, ‘Hey, what does the world look like? I’ve saved a chunk of my money and I bought a home and stuff, but I want to make sure I can keep it. What does it look like out there?’ And Kevin was the one who said, ‘I’ll introduce you to The Young Bucks. They’re the masters of having marketed themselves outside of the company.’ Me and Brandi were totally fearless in that moment. It was crazy.”

Perhaps, Owens deserves the entire credit for the birth of AEW – The Prizefighter had hooked Cody up with The Young Bucks, and these three primary forces organized the ALL IN event that gained Tony Khan’s attention, and the rest as we all know is history.