AEW Files Trademark For AEW Blood and Guts

The name is a reference to the comment made by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on AEW

Image via Twitter

All Elite Wrestling seems to be done with their quota of PPVs for 2019, after airing a total of five PPVs in their debut year. AEW is still a new company, and they have already talked about doing merely 4-5 PPVs per year.

Unlike their rivals WWE, who pride on doing close to 20 shows every year, the Florida-based promotion has confirmed it will be focusing on four PPVs every year. It seems like AEW has finally got a name for their next PPV, and it will reportedly be titled Blood and Guts.

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Recently, a trademark was filed for AEW Blood and Guts, which could be an indication of either a PPV or a special show featuring hardcore matches. The PPV name is a reference to the comment made by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on AEW. Vince McMahon had said that WWE won’t be featuring Blood and Guts on their programming, unlike their rivals on TNT.

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The mark consists of the stylized wording “ALL ELITE AEW WRESTLING” where “AEW” is housed inside a rectangular border, the words “ALL ELITE” are superimposed on the top of the border, and the word “WRESTLING” is superimposed at the bottom of the border. Below the stylized wording is the term BLOOD AND GUTS in larger font, with the word BLOOD at the top, the word AND in the middle of a line and the word GUTS at the bottom.

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Alongside this, AEW has also filed for AEW: The Match Beyond, which could be an indication of a PPV similar to War Games. AEW is known to draw heavy references from WCW, and a reincarnation of War Games could be on cards for the company.

AEW hasn’t announced any PPVs for the coming months, but with WWE heading into the WrestleMania season, we will definitely get something big from AEW as well.