AEW Files Trademark For “AEW Revolution”

AEW is set to begin its weekly television series starting from October on TNT

Image via Forbes

All Elite Wrestling (AEW), is set to begin its weekly television series starting from October on TNT. It seems as if the company has finally decided on a name for the weekly show, as the company filed for a trademark ‘AEW Revolution’, according to PWInsider, which includes several items including merchandise, video streaming (PPVs) and ongoing TV series.

The full trademark goes like this:

“Live streaming of video pay-per-view events on the internet; communication services, namely, transmitting streamed sound and audio-visual recordings via the internet; streaming of audio material on the internet; streaming of video material on the internet; transmission of information in the audio-visual field; mobile media services in the nature of electronic transmission of entertainment media content; podcasting services; webcasting services; video-on-demand transmission services”

“Entertainment services, namely, an ongoing television show about professional wrestling; entertainment services, namely, the production in the nature of organization of exhibitions and performances of professional wrestling events rendered live and through broadcast media, namely, television and radio, and via the internet or commercial online service.”

There have been several rumors around the name for AEW’s weekly show, with a recent report claiming it to be ‘Wednesday Night Dynamite’. However, with mere weeks to go before their show starts airing on TNT, AEW filing a trademark could be a clear indication of Revolution being the official name.

Currently, the show is advertised as just All Elite Wrestling. However, Tony Khan promised that the show would have a name before it starts, and Cody Rhodes, the Executive Vice President of the company has referred to AEW as a revolution several times in the past.

AEW will start on TNT, the same network which hosted the iconic WCW Monday Night Nitro in the late 90s. Having proper branding could be a wise move before the show officially starts airing on national television.