AEW Files Trademarks for “AEW Dark” and “AEW Elevation”

AEW has filed a trademark for their weekly YouTube series and a possible name for their much anticipated new TV show.

Heel By Nature is reporting that AEW filed two new trademarks for the names “AEW Elevation” and “AEW Dark” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The trademark filings, dated December 16, are both for “entertainment services in the nature of live wrestling performances” as well as the “production of wrestling programs and events.”

AEW Dark is already in use by AEW for their weekly YouTube series which air wrestling matches featuring their signed talent as well as guest indie wrestlers.

AEW has also been saying that they will be launching another TV program soon, maybe by next year. They could be thinking of naming that show AEW Elevation, in which case they might want to get it trademarked now to avoid any problems in the future.

Earlier this week, AEW did run into some trouble with their trademark filings, specifically for their trademark for the term “Stadium Stampede”.

“Stadium Stampede” was used by AEW to describe the clash between The Inner Circle and The Elite earlier this year. They attempted to trademark it this August but the filing was suspended.

One of the reasons for the suspension was a pending trademark by WWE for “Spring Stampede” a WCW event that they got the rights to when they bought the company.