AEW ‘Hires’ Marty Jannetty After Marty Scrull’s Snub, Dynamite Set To Debut In New York

Image via AEW

All Elite Wrestling was recently snubbed by the Villain Marty Scrull, who seemed destined to join his Elite buddies at AEW, before signing a new contract with Ring of Honor instead. Scrull has been a regular part of the Elite, and his addition to the AEW roster was almost a foregone conclusion.

However, Scrull’s decision to stay with ROH came as a major shocker to most of the professional wrestling community. Scrull has also taken up a role as the booker of the company, alongside his wrestling duties.

On the latest episode of Being the Elite, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks referenced this snub in a hilarious manner. Omega and the Young Bucks had a conversation over the phone with a certain ‘Marty’ and offered him a spot on the roster. They said that certain storylines needed to advance, which was a reference to the rumors about Scrull being revealed as Dark Order’s secret leader.

They offered him the ‘book’ too and offered him a whopping $650k a year for all of it. However, after the conversation ended, they realized it was Marty Jannetty, the former WWE superstar, and had to fire him immediately.

The three EVPs of the company don’t seem too fazed by Scrull’s decision and instead have taken it in a brilliant manner.

In other news, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and the rest of the AEW roster will be a part of AEW Dynamite’s first-ever show in the Big Apple in a few weeks from now.

This is AEW’s first show in New York, which is traditionally filled with passionate wrestling crowd. WWE has a stronghold in the state, with several tapings, PPVs and house shows taking place from the state from time to time.