AEW’s Latest Signee Orange Cassidy Is Reportedly A “Deal Breaker” With Some Fans

AEW kicked this week off with the official announcement of the signing of Orange Cassidy, the most enigmatic star in indie wrestling.

As previously reported, AEW has revealed only 40% of its roster so far. Whether Cassidy is a fresh signing or belongs to the unrevealed 60% is unclear.

On Wresting Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that although Cassidy has earned himself a name on the independent circuit, it remains to be seen whether he is the right signing for the upstart promotion.

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“I’m not sure Orange Cassidy is the guy right away. Even if when he goes out there he’ll get a huge reaction, for sure from the audience, but the live audience is in the arena and the audience watching on TV doesn’t know who he is and many of them will be entertained a lot by him at first, but I also know there will be many that will — I also think there might be people at first, but I also know there will be many that will [dislike him].”

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The Freshly Squeezed could be making his AEW debut at All Out later this month.

“You know they just signed him, but if he’s on week 1, 2, or 3 and there are people who are like ‘Let’s sample this new wrestling…some of them will see Orange Cassidy and like it and some of them won’t and I just know if right away week 1, 2, or 3 that is not what I would want on the show.”

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Although Cassidy has got the moves, he could still be a “deal breaker” with many fans, especially when AEW is yet to build a solid base.

“Sparingly, I think he has some real potential on television. Once the company’s over if it is. If the company’s already over then you can bring a guy like that in for cameos and it’ll work because the company’s already over, but when you’ve got an audience where they haven’t decided whether they like you or not he could be, I don’t wanna say a deal breaker, but he could be a deal breaker with some people.”